Businesswoman shares social media strategies learned from Facebook experts

Marlene Romo Flores is a member of Facebook Small Business Council

SAN ANTONIO – Marlene Romo Flores is a member of the Facebook Small Business Council. 

“They give us a lot of tools, some of the stuff we can’t share yet,” Romo Flores said. 

In 2014, Facebook launched the council with a mission dedicated to helping businesses grow. 

“They use us as beta testers for new stuff they are going to release,” Romo Flores said. 

The council helps members by providing them with resources and education they cab use to grow their businesses and communities. 

“We’ve created little ads using an app called Ripple, and it’s absolutely free,” Romo Flores said. “That was a new app that was introduced to us while we were at the council."

Romo Flores said doing something as simple as tagging and adding hashtags to posts go a long way. 

As marketing coordinator for Salons by JC, Romo Flores is taking what Facebook staff taught her during a recent trip to their California headquarters and passing it on to employees at her salons. 

“They have been trained on best practices for Facebook, best practices for Instagram. Making sure that they are able to create those really cool graphics with absolutely no money at all,” Romo Flores said. 

Romo Flores hopes she can also share her knowledge with as many small business owners as possible. 

“The small business community is the heartbeat of America,” Romo Flores said. 

To learn more about Romo Flores and Facebook Small Business Council, click here

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