Couple decide to join SAPD while attending cadet graduation

Boyfriend graduates Friday, three months after girlfriend

SAN ANTONIO – The San Antonio Police Department will have 30 more officers to protect the citizens of the Alamo City after the 2017-D cadet class graduated. 

Among the 28 men and two women who walked the stage Friday at the Watson Fine Arts Theatre to receive their badges and diplomas after seven months of intensive training was Jack Maples, who will join the police force with his girlfriend, Cynthia Lindley, who graduated from the academy three months earlier.

Maples and Lindley decided to get into a career in law enforcement after attending an SAPD graduation academy last year.

"We both just always wanted to do something that helped the community. To give back to the community. We love this city. We met here. Fell in love here, so we just wanted to give back," Maples said.

Lindley said having Maples on the force will be able to empathize with her day at work.

"It's really nice to have somebody who you can talk to and that really identifies with it," she said.

Lindley's father, who is a sergeant with the SAPD, has been on the force for 25 years, so members of Maples' family said they can see where the couple got the idea to become police officers. 

They also said they're are proud of the couple, who they said have the heart of a public servant. 

"He's very sensitive in his heart," Maples' mother, Nancy Cedillo, said. "He doesn't like to show that. I know it's there. He's compassionate."

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