Police: Wife struck officer's head with 7-inch heel as husband resisted arrest

Ronald and Jessica Carlson face several charges

(Images: Webb County)
(Images: Webb County)

LAREDO, Texas – A South Texas husband and wife were arrested after an incident in which the woman is accused of striking a police officer in the head with a 7 to 8 inch high heel, police said.

According to Laredo police, officers received a call Tuesday night regarding a woman allegedly dancing in heels on the driveway of a home with music blaring from an open garage door.

An officer responded but found no one outside. The officer checked inside the home to see if anything was wrong and found four children sleeping in their bedrooms by themselves with no adult supervision.

A man and a woman then arrived at the home on a motorcycle.

Police said the driver was notably intoxicated as they both got into a confrontation with the officer. 

The man, identified as 42-year-old Ronald Carlson, would not answer why the children were left by themselves inside the home. The woman was identified as Jessica Carlson, 30.

The officer attempted to arrest Ronald Carlson, but he resisted.

At the same time, Jessica Carlson took off one of her high heel shoes and struck the officer's left front temple, police said.

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