Routine bridge inspection uncovers ancient remains

Ancient burial ground discovered in Frio County

FRIO COUNTY, Texas – A bridge inspector for the Texas Department of Transportation recently made an unusual discovery during a routine inspection in Frio County.

"(He) noticed what he thought looked like human remains, so he ... called local law enforcement," said Scott Pletka, of TxDOT archaeological studies.

Police and Texas State University forensic investigators thought they had a cold case on their hands, but they were stunned once they examined the skeleton.

"They discovered an arrow point dating back to about 1,000 years ago. It's called an Edwards point, nestled in the pelvis area," Pletka said.

Once police knew they didn't have a homicide case on their hands, the excavation process was turned over to TxDOT's archaeological division.

More digging led to another shocking find.

"(They) discovered that the body was buried in what looks to be a 1,000-year-old house, so that's very unusual," Pletka said.

The remains are being stored at a secure facility at Texas State University.
Researchers have not said which Native American tribe the remains are affiliated with.

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