Texas snack company sells 'Hoodrat Snack' subscription boxes


SAN ANTONIO – Hoodrat Snacks is a subscription box service started by a Texas woman who would crave what she calls "street snacks that you can find in the parking lot at your nearest grocery store, the park and at your local Hoodrat Snack shack.”

Subscription boxes are available for three, six and 12 month plans.

Mild - $25 a month for three months. “For mild commitment issues!”
Medium - $22 a month for six months. “I think I want to marry you…”
Hot and Spicy - $18 a month for 12 months. “Por Vida. J/K just one year of Fuego.”

Each box comes with a variety of sweet, sour and spicy treats, according to the company's website.

The website also offers three $15 kit options for the ultimate michelada, Frito pie or hot Cheetos and cheese.

"When you are misplaced and live in a different part of the country, you cannot find these HR snacks at your local bodega. My husband and I craved these snacks and begged friends and family to send us care packages,” owner Jackie Earhart wrote on the site.

"I am putting together kits so you too can enjoy the madness of flavor that we love so much that has created a whole subCulture of snacking."

Read more or start your subscription on HoodratSnacks.com.

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