What's Up South Texas!: Coach provides free training to kids in underserved communities

SAN ANTONIO – Sterling Herron has been involved in sports since he was a young boy growing up on the Northeast side of town, but as he got older, he found ways to make training for school sports affordable for all children.

“I started GAS, or Greater Athletes Succeed, about 10 years ago,” said Herron. “It is basically a training program working with kids where we do college-based workouts so they will be ready for college when they get to that level.”

At first, Herron was doing the program on the Northeast Side of town, but then it moved around to several IDEA schools. It was his personal experience that developed his organization.

“My best friend, Rudy Cavazos, and I lived in the same neighborhood, but my parents could afford for me to play sports. So I would leave for practice saying, 'I’ll see you later,' and I would think he didn’t want to go to practice, but he wasn’t able to go because his parents couldn’t afford it,” said Herron.

Herron said as he got older, he realized he needed to do something for kids in similar situations.

“A lot of these organizations charge $250 for kids to play, and I thought, 'How in the world?' Some kids can’t even afford $50 if they were going to play,” said Herron.

He and Cavazos now work together with around 500 children in the program, pushing them to be their best.

“We always tell them as long as your heart is beating, your feet are moving,” said Herron. “So they don’t get to stay still for long. Life is easier and school is easier because we push them to the limit all the time.”

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