Claims of harassment, interference made during hearing for baby King Jay siblings

Children's mother, Jasmine Gonzales, testifies during status hearing

SAN ANTONIO – A hearing was held Friday to keep a judge informed about the status of baby King Jay Davila's five young siblings. 

The children were removed from the custody of their mother, Jasmine Gonzales, and placed with their maternal grandparents by Child Protective Services after the body of 8-month-old King Jay was found in January in a backpack buried in a shallow grave.

The children's mother, Jasmine Gonzales, testified that Jasmine McGill, the founder of a nonprofit children's advocacy organization, told Gonzales' son to keep secrets from her.

"I told my son, I was like, 'Baby, it's OK, you can tell me. You don't have to hide anything from me,'" Gonzales sobbed on the witness stand.

McGill's involvement in the case was approved by Child Protective Services.

Gonzales' lawyer asked her if she would be in favor of the children remaining with her mother and stepfather if McGill was not allowed to contact the children.

"Not anymore," Gonzales replied.

Gonzales and her parents have a strained relationship. Her parents claim Gonzales has made harassing phone calls to them and McGill.

McGill told reporters after the hearing that she was afraid of Gonzales and filed a police report alleging threats and harassment from her.

"I was afraid for my family, and for the family, and for the kids," McGill said.

Children's Court Judge Richard Garcia said he would allow continued phone contact between Gonzales and her parents, but added, "If you don't have anything nice to say, don't call."

Garcia set the next status hearing in the case for July 2.

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