WHAT’S YOUR SAQ? They’re your San Antonio Questions answered!

Arts, history, culture, politics -- ask us anything

SAN ANTONIO – If you were calling the shots, what would you have KSAT report on? What are you curious about when it comes to the culture, history and the customs that make San Antonio so unique?

This is your chance. KSAT is putting you in the driver’s seat, where your curiosity about San Antonio powers some of the stories we cover.


Here’s how it works:

You ask the question – it can be anything. Serious, silly, a question about our history or something about the city’s future. You might ask,

Why is San Antonio obsessed with Barbacoa and Big Red? Who decided it was a ‘thing,’ and why?"


Why doesn’t ‘life in prison’ really mean spending the rest of your life in prison?”

or even

How do you really pronounce NIOSA? NY-OH-SUH or KNEE-OH-SUH?"

It can be a question that prompts a Defenders Investigation, something about our culture that you’ve always wondered about or a question about a person in our community. The sky is the limit!

We may open up the questions to voting, so you can weigh in on the questions you’d most want to have answered. We’ll assign a KSAT journalist to look into your question, and once we have the answers, we’ll share the answer on KSAT – on-air and online.

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