Endangered sea turtle dropped off at doorstep of San Antonio Aquarium

Person tried to donate sea turtle after claiming to find it in creek

SAN ANTONIO – An endangered green sea turtle was dropped off at the San Antonio Aquarium's doorstep Tuesday evening, according to Director of Husbandry Jaime Shank.

The marine animal's journey to San Antonio remains a mystery.

A rescue crew from Texas Sea Life Center in Corpus Christi made the drive to San Antonio to get the sea turtle and take it back to the Texas coast.

"This is not an animal that you want to keep in your saltwater tank at home. This is not an animal that you want to keep as a pet. They need to be out in the wild, in the ocean," said Shank.

The San Antonio Aquarium is not legally allowed to accept the donation and isn't suited to take care of a sea turtle long term, according to Shank.

Shank said the person who dropped off the sea turtle claims to have found it in a creek behind their home.

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