Search group hopeful remains found in north Bexar County belong to Andreen McDonald

Anthropologist comments on bleached bones

BEXAR COUNTY, Texas – People who have been helping in the search of Andreen McDonald are anxiously awaiting the news of whose remains were found Thursday in a field on Specht Road, about 6 miles from her home.

Robert Green is one of the members of Chain Breakers. The group has performed more than 150 searches, most of which were close to the area where the remains were discovered. 

Members of the group hope the remains found are those of McDonald.

"Especially with it being so close to her house, we're just — we're hoping that it's her. That way we can give the family closure, basically, for them to be able to close this chapter in their life,” Green said.

Bexar County Sheriff Javier Salazar hopes that with the use of McDonald's dental records, investigators will be able to determine if the remains belong to her in a couple of days, once the body is removed from the scene.

"They're pretty bleached out. They've been out in the sun for at least several months," Salazar said.

Texas State University anthropologist Daniel Wescott said bleaching of bones would indicate exposure to the sun.  He said bones are more of a yellowish color, but that can change quickly given the right conditions in the Texas heat, even in a matter of weeks.

"If they're on the surface but they're covered with clothes, then they're not going to bleach out," Wescott said. "But if they are exposed, and that exposure could be caused by a number of things, then they could start to bleach out."

Green and his group had already planned on performing a search Saturday, and they'll continue to do so because they can't waste any time if the remains don't belong to McDonald.

"They have the dental records for [McDonald] already. So hopefully, that will speed up the process. But at the same time, you know, we don't want to necessarily just sit and wait," Green said. "We are anxious to see the results for the remains that have been found.”

The group searched the area near Specht Road but could not enter private property.

The group asks that landowners go out and search the properties they own when people are reported missing near them.

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