Painful scars from bullet wounds pale in comparison with frustration of unsolved case, woman says

Candace Armstrong-McDonald shot Feb. 6, 2018

SAN ANTONIO – Scars from bullet wounds and ongoing physical pain are nothing compared to the frustration one woman says she's feeling knowing that the person who shot her more than a year ago has not been brought to justice.

"The bullet went inside my chest. The doctor said it grazed my left lung, missed my heart ... They didn't have to do surgery, and this is my exit wound," said Candace Armstrong McDonald, as she pointed to entrance and exit wounds on her chest and back.

The shooting happened Feb. 6, 2018.

"Nobody knows who the shooter was. I don't have justice," Armstrong-McDonald said.

She said the jarring memories haven't faded at all.

"I'm still not physically, mentally and emotionally the same. I do need to see a mental doctor," Armstrong-McDonald said.

After the incident, Armstrong-McDonald said she lost her hotel job, but now she's back to working in the service industry. 

She wants others dealing with difficult situations to know they, too, can persevere.

"I couldn't just let a bullet stop me from doing what I know how to do best," she said.

Last year, San Antonio police tweeted they were looking for three persons of interest in the case. On Friday, police said one person has been charged with aggravated assault. No one has been convicted. 

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