Truth behind crazy photo of bat caught in spiderweb in Poteet


POTEET, Texas – A bat was found trapped in a massive spider web last week in Poteet, and photos of the crazy sight quickly went viral.

There was some confusion among some news outlets, however, that claimed the spider was eating the bat.

The spider, a yellow garden spider also known as Argiope aurantia, did not eat the bat.

"That would be very unusual for this spider to predate a bat," said a spokesperson with the Texas Parks and Wildlife Department.

Bat found trapped in massive spider's web in Poteet

Annette Alaniz Guajardo snapped the incredible photos at her home Aug. 7 before heading to work.

When Guajardo got home that night, she told KSAT the bat was dead and she knocked it down out of the spider's web.

Guajardo named the spider Zoey and told KSAT she feeds Zoey every other day. She sent a video of Zoey wrapping a grasshopper in her web:

"If I could bring her inside the house, I would so she could stay out of the heat. Because where she's at, the sun hits her directly, and it's a lot with this heat," Guajardo said.

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