Traffic congestion near IDEA Eastside campus frustrating residents, parents

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SAN ANTONIO – Residents who live next to the IDEA Public Schools Eastside campus along Martin Luther King Drive near Walters Street say they’re fed up with the traffic congestion they’ve had to endure for the past three years.

Denise Cormier, who lives at Springview Townhomes, said parents picking up or dropping off their children at the school block traffic for people in the complex who have to get to work or drop off their own children.

“It would be nice for them to be courteous of the people who live here and let us in and out and stop blocking the driveways,” she said.

The school entrance is along Hedge Street, and traffic flows in and out the same way. But the concerns are also along MLK Drive, where parents who want to avoid the long line on Hedge Street use their hazard lights to stop and pick up or drop off their children. Others park at a store parking lot across the street and run across the busy road.

There are no pedestrian crossing warnings or school zone signs in the area. Even parents whose children attend the school say they’re frustrated by the administration’s lack of action.

The District 2 office said it is aware of the situation. The city’s Traffic and Capital Improvements office said parents need to be mindful of following the set protocol for drop-off and pickup locations and not put children in harm's way by crossing a busy road.

No timeline was give for when a plan would be generated to fix the problem.

KSAT reached out to IDEA for comment but did not hear back.

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