SAPD arrests man on suspicion of posting terroristic threats on Facebook

Paul Hinojosa, 38, arrested following anonymous tip

SAN ANTONIO – A San Antonio man was arrested after police say he threatened on Facebook to commit drug-fueled random shootings.

According to an arrest affidavit, Paul Hinojosa, 38, made two Facebook posts on Sunday afternoon, within 13 minutes of each other.

The first read, "I plan to do a random shooting .but i will shoot the people that need to be killed," followed by a post that read, "Random shootings tonight after two fat lines of ice."

"Ice" is another name for methamphetamine. Police said Hinojosa is currently on probation for a meth conviction.

Police say an anonymous tipster called San Antonio Emergency Dispatch on Monday and directed the dispatcher to Hinojosa's Facebook account. That information was relayed to the Southwest Texas Fusion Center, which contacted San Antonio police.

Hinojosa was arrested Monday night on a felony terroristic threat charge for placing the public in fear of serious bodily injury. Online records show he was arrested at 11:21 p.m. Monday, more than a full day after the posts, which are still online, went up Sunday.

Though police say Hinojosa admitted to posting the threats to Facebook, a spokeswoman said police are not aware of him taking part in any shootings after the posts went up.

This is at least the second case in the area recently involving mass shooting threats on social media.

Leon Valley police arrested Terray Davon Myles, 27, after they said he posted photos of himself on Facebook with an AR-15-style gun, pistols and money with the caption "Sunday Gunday!!! Bout to shoot up a church during the prayer session wish me luck!!!"

But the terroristic threat charge Myles was booked on wasn't for the church shooting threat. Instead, it was based on him allegedly threatening a family member at around that same time.

Citing difficulty determining who the specific victim might have been in the church shooting post, Leon Valley police said they went with the most appropriate charge for Myles they had at the time.

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