Visit San Antonio: Alamo City tourism up by 2 million people

Visit San Antonio TV casting local people to spotlight city

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SAN ANTONIO – The Alamo City is becoming a top destination to visit in the country, and recent studies show the number of tourists has gone up by 2 million people.

Visit San Antonio, the city's tourist information center, said 39 million people visited San Antonio in 2018. 

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Richard Oliver, director of partner and community relations, said the increase is due in large part to popular hot spots, such as the Riverwalk, theme parks and historic areas, such as the Alamo.

The team at Visit San Antonio is working on new ways to spotlight more areas of the city that may be unfamiliar to tourists.

Visit San Antonio TV is casting local people to share what makes the city so special to them. 

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"There is a lot to San Antonio right now beyond the attractions that everyone wants to see," Oliver said. 

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