Ongoing dispute between 2 men leads to stabbing at NW Side apartment

Victim suffered multiple stab wounds

SAN ANTONIO – San Antonio police say an ongoing dispute led to a stabbing at a Northwest Side apartment complex early Friday morning.

Both men involved are in their 60s.

Police say they found one who they believe is the victim around 4 a.m. near a bloody scene behind a building at the Executive Apartments. 

He told officers that his neighbor’s boyfriend had entered his apartment through his open back door, began arguing with him then stabbed him with a knife.

The argument, he said, had to do with words that were exchanged between the men’s relatives, police said.

The victim says during the fight he was able to grab a screwdriver and stab the intruder at least once.

Police say after the attack, the victim knocked on several doors, looking for help.

One neighbor called 911.

The suspect was gone when officers arrived.

They say they planned to search for him at another home.

Police also were monitoring hospitals in case he showed up there looking for medical treatment.

They say the attack left an especially bloody scene at the apartment complex.

When the victim knocked on his neighbors’ doors, he left blood on every one of them, police said. 

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