Meet KSAT 12′s new traffic officer Nick Soliz

Big bird, Dallas Cowboys and a mime?

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SAN ANTONIO – Officer Nicholas (Nick) Soliz is KSAT 12's new traffic anchor after the "Good Morning San Antonio" said goodbye to longtime traffic officer Detective Robert Dart last week.

Soliz will be on-air for the first time Thursday morning.

Follow all of Nick's first day here:

I hope everyone’s tunes in and welcomes KSAT’s new Traffic Officer, Nicholas Soliz !

Posted by Marcus Trujillo on Thursday, November 7, 2019

So, who is this new guy? Get to know a little more about the man you'll see on TV. (He's pretty awesome!)

What made you want to work at KSAT? Well, when I first got on the department I saw Detective Dart and Officer Trujillo on "Good Morning San Antonio." As soon as I saw them I said to myself "I am going to do that one day." You can ask my classmates, I always told them that being the traffic anchor cop was one of my goals. It's such a unique opportunity that police officers don't get. It's a way to show the citizens of San Antonio that police have personalities, humor and are normal, too. It's just a great way to relate to everyone. Man, what a great opportunity, I am excited!

Have you ever been on TV before? Yes, a couple of times at my former job SeaWorld. I believe I was on TV as a mime.

What did you do before you worked as a police officer? How did you end up as Big Bird at SeaWorld? Well, before I was a police officer I was a performer/physical comedian/singer/costume character at SeaWorld San Antonio. I started, however, as a costume character — I was Big Bird. That was in February 2011. I always thought the Big Bird costume was so interesting to put on. It’s literally hanging from a pulley system and someone has to level him on you. Then he slips on like a backpack. I did that for one summer and then from there it was four more seasons of absolute fun in the sea lion shows working alongside some of the greatest sea lion trainers in America. I mainly did the pre-shows where I would entertain the crowds coming in, in my own mini-show. My favorite part of all that was seeing pictures afterward and seeing all the people smiling. It was a great time.

Where did you grow up? In west Philadelphia born and raised on a playground I used to play most of my days... just kidding! I am from right here in San Antonio. I grew up in the northwest part of the city. I am a graduate of William Howard Taft High School. I loved growing up in the city of San Antonio. Our basketball team was always good, the weather was always nice and I liked where I lived.

What is your favorite taco shop and what do you order? Taqueria Vallarta on 410 and Ingram. The one with the big sombrero on top! My order is always one bean, cheese and bacon taco, an asada taco and a chicharron taco if I am extra hungry.

What's the weirdest day you've had on the job? Well, being a police officer, there are so many weird days. You see and experience so much. So, I'll stick to SeaWorld. In 2011, I was inside the Big Bird costume, and I was waiting for kids to come into the photo room I was in to take a picture with me. However, while waiting for the kiddos to enter I decided to bring a book inside the costume with me to read and pass the time. A family then entered the photo room and I put the book under the feathers where I thought it was secure - it wasn't - and, in front of little 4-6-year-old kids it looked like big bird hatched a book.

What kind of music do you listen to and what are a few of your favorite artists/bands? All kinds, but, I have always had a very random taste in music. I like '80s rock and Tejano. QUEEN, QUEEN, QUEEN.

Do you follow sports? Who do you root for? My son's middle name is Dallas...and it's not for the Mavericks, it's for America's team The Dallas Cowboys. I love the Cowboys. I know trivia, old game scores, everything. Some of the best and worst moments of my life are watching the Cowboys with my dad and my brother.

What's your least favorite traffic spot in San Antonio? Anything that says 1604.

What's your Whataburger order? Has to be the #5 mayonnaise, no mustard, with a side of jalapeno ranch. (For anyone wondering, that's the bacon and cheese Whataburger.)

Do you have any secret talents? Yes, I guess I can sing a little, or at least hold a tune!

BONUS: Nick married his high school sweetheart Ashtin and has two boys, Samuel and Joshua Dallas.

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