How to get $100 in free and discounted plants from SAWS

WaterSaver coupons are available for landscapes and new garden beds

SAN ANTONIO – San Antonio Water System is offering coupons for plants to customers as part of the WaterSaver Program.

SAWS residential customers can apply for up to four landscape coupons per year, with a lifetime limit of eight. The coupons are valued at $100 each.

The coupons are intended to help customers replace water-guzzling lawns with drought-tolerant garden beds and permeable patios.

The WaterSaver landscape coupon allows customers to choose any combination of 15 drought-tolerant plants from a list of more than 100 approved varieties to create a 200-square-foot garden bed.

Existing landscape beds are not eligible for the program, however, customers can expand existing beds by 200-square feet as long as grass has been removed.

To qualify for the coupon, customers have to take photos of where they plan to remove grass and install a new garden bed.

Then customers should apply online. No permanent irrigation is allowed in the new beds.

Once SAWS approves your application you will be sent an eCoupon that must be used by Oct. 31. You should receive the coupon within two weeks via email.

Customers who apply for multiple coupons will receive them in separate emails.

Each coupon may only be used once with a single vendor. If you receive multiple coupons, you may use each one at different participating vendors, according to Garden Style San Antonio.

Depending on your choice of plants, the $100 discount can vary greatly, so be sure to budget your project accordingly as you will probably still incur some costs.

Customers must purchase 15 plants from the approved WaterSaver Coupon list. Small plants must be purchased in 1-gallon containers and small trees in 5-gallon containers.

To redeem the $100 coupon, bring a mobile device to participating stores and a cashier will enter the store code on your device to validate it.

After you redeem your coupon, you will receive an email with a link to submit photos for inspection. Save that email.

Once you’ve completed your beds, take photos and find the email we sent you when you redeemed your coupon. Open the inspection form in the email and attach your photos to that form and send it to SAWS by Nov. 15. Don’t attach photos to the email.

Photos will be reviewed by SAWS and anyone who doesn’t meet the criteria for success will be contacted with ideas on how to make their new gardenscape successful. Customers who don’t make the required improvements will be ineligible for future programs.

WaterSaver landscape coupons can be redeemed at five participating retailers in San Antonio.


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