Video: Mixer truck pours massive amount of wet concrete on SA road, splashes cars

Wet concrete splashes onto Culebra Road from River City Ready Mix concrete truck

A concrete mixer truck can be seen dumping massive amounts of wet concrete onto San Antonio streets in a video sent to KSAT. (The video contains some graphic language.)

The River City Ready Mix concrete supply truck can be seen splashing wet concrete along Culebra Road near the light at Rogers Road around 5:50 p.m. on Wednesday.

The woman who sent in the video told KSAT wet concrete was splashed onto her brand-new car from the rear to the front bumper on the driver’s side, and also splashed other vehicles as it drove past them.

“I pulled into the turning lane behind him and began filming him so I had some sort of evidence as I could not fully process that this was actually happening,” she said in a statement to KSAT.

She said multiple people tried to get the drivers attention but the driver continued pouring concrete as he turned onto Rogers Road.

The woman, who filed a police report, said police told her cleaning crews needed more than six hours to clean the concrete off the road.

Despite calling 911 and speaking with the operator about the situation, the woman said she was unsure if police ever caught up with the driver of the concrete truck.

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