Explosions at food truck park in San Marcos caused by propane leak, investigation finds

SAN MARCOS, Texas – Fire investigators determined a propane gas leak was the cause of two explosions at the Allo Eatery food truck park in San Marcos, according to officials with the city.

Two explosions rocked the food truck park at 801 Chestnut Street around 6 a.m. Thursday morning.

A gas leak in a Rondooley’s Inc. food trailer set off the first explosion after coming into contact with an unspecified ignition source, according to a spokesperson.

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Around 20 minutes later a second explosion caused by a separate propane bottle occurred.

Investigators determined that the second propane bottle had become overheated due to its proximity to the resulting fire from the first explosion.

“Fortunately, our firefighters arrived on scene, made an initial attempt to extinguish the fire, realized they were in too close of proximity and pulled back prior to the second explosion," San Marcos Fire chief Les Stephens said Thursday.

No criminal activity is suspected, according to city officials.

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