Explosions at San Marcos food truck park damage buildings a block away

Nobody was injured in the two explosions

SAN MARCOS – Two explosions at a San Marcos food truck park damaged buildings up to a block away Thursday morning, according to San Marcos fire officials.

The first explosion happened at about 6 a.m. at the Allo Eatery food truck park at 801 Chestnut.

Explosions at food truck park in San Marcos caused by propane leak, investigation finds

A second explosion occurred about 20 minutes later while firefighters were on the scene putting out the initial fire.

“Fortunately, our firefighters arrived on scene, made an initial attempt to extinguish the fire, realized they were in too close of proximity and pulled back prior to the second explosion," said San Marcos Fire chief Les Stephens.

Investigators are still determining what caused the explosions.

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Four food trucks and seven buildings were damaged. The debris spread out across a full city block.

Nobody was injured in either blast.

“Had anyone been around it when one of those two explosions occurred, there definitely could have been injuries that would have resulted or serious injuries or possibly death," said San Marcos fire marshal Kelly Kistner.

Some Twitter users captured the explosion on video. Watch the video:

“The minute it exploded, I just ran back in (to my apartment). My roommate, Kyerstynn — she’s like, ‘Get inside! Get inside!’ because she’s the rational one,” said Skylar Jaramillo, who took the video shared on Twitter.

Snax Max, a convenience store located nearby, also took a blow during the explosion. Madhab Poudel, the store manager, said he thought the first explosion was an earthquake.

“I went to the counter and started counting the money, and at that time, I hard the big blast sound," Poudel said.

He said the store has $30,000 to $40,000 in damage.

Two explosions rocked a San Marcos food truck park on Nov. 14, 2019. Courtesy: City of San Marcos
Two explosions rocked a San Marcos food truck park on Nov. 14, 2019. Courtesy: City of San Marcos (City of San Marcos)

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