NEISD bus rolls through Whataburger parking lot while driver takes bathroom break

NEISD school bus rolls through Whataburger
NEISD school bus rolls through Whataburger (KSAT)

SAN ANTONIO – A North East Independent School District bus went rogue Wednesday morning, rolling through a Whataburger parking lot while the bus driver took a bathroom break.

Romana Lopez, a spokesperson for the San Antonio Police Department confirmed that officers were dispatched to the Whataburger on the corner of Vance Jackson and 410 around 7 a.m. for a minor accident.

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According to a spokesperson for the school district, the bus driver “went in to use the restroom at Whataburger and didn’t set the parking brake.”

However, a witness told KSAT she “saw the bus coming straight out of a gas station, jumping curbs and going straight to Whataburger” referring to the experience as “scary.”

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The witness told KSAT the bus had been moved from the bushes into the parking lot when she returned to the area after running an errand.

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