Genene Jones’ Bible returned in accordance with plea agreement

Jones lost 2019 court battle to have Bible returned

Genene Jones' Bible was returned to her

SAN ANTONIO – As part of the plea agreement in the Genene Jones murder case, prosecutors promised to return Jones’ Bible, an address book and several other personal items.

As the agreement was being reviewed by District Judge Frank Castro Thursday, the District Attorney’s Major Crimes Chief Catherine Babbitt told Castro that the state had made good on its promise to return the items.

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“They’re in a box," Babbitt said. ”They contain not only the Bible, but the address book and other items that were taken.”

They seized the items during a sweep of Jones’ prison cell and were being reviewed as possible evidence had the case gone to trial, according to Babbitt.

“There is some handwriting of Genene Jones in the Bible...some references to children and to sin,” Babbitt said last fall.

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In November of 2019, Jones petitioned the court to have the Bible returned.

Her request was denied.

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