Mother desperate for answers after 16-year-old daughter dragged to death

Police found Jessica Sarah Medina, 16, dead outside car that crashed in front of tire shop on Culebra Road

SAN ANTONIO – Jessica Medina's mother, Paula Medina, said she pleaded with her daughter not to leave the house on Saturday night. She said that was the last time she saw her daughter alive.

18-year-old charged with intoxication manslaughter after crash; Victim ID’d

“I told her, ‘Don’t leave,’” said Paula Medina. “As a mother, you can feel it in your gut. ‘Baby, don’t go. Don’t go.’”

Police said Jessica Medina’s arm and neck were caught in the seat belt of the car, and she had been dragged.

The driver of the car, Steven Medina,18, was found passed out in the driver's seat.

Steven Medina was arrested and charged with intoxication manslaughter.

Paula Medina said her daughter didn't know the driver, even though his last name was also Medina. She said her daughter had been out with a group of girls who had gotten a ride from Steven Medina that night.

"The other girls were able to get out of the car. Why not her? Was she held back? Was she hit in the head or knocked down? There's no answer to our question,” Paula Medina said. “It just doesn't make sense because Jessica was a fighter. She stood her ground. She could have gotten away."

Jessica Medina would have turned 17 in March. Her mother said she had been planning a party for her.

Paula Medina says she just wants answers, and she's hoping someone will speak up.

“I don’t want no parent, mother, to go through what we are going through,” Paula Medina said. "We just want answers. We just want justice for Jessica.”

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