Road safety: How research efforts in Virginia limit crash deaths in Texas

Find out about latest ways IIHS is pushing for vehicle safety improvements

GREENE COUNTY, Va. – A special report by WSLS-TV, KSAT’s sister station in Roanoke, Virginia, is looking at how efforts in that state are keeping drivers in America safe on the roads.

Researchers in Ruckersville, Virginia, a small, rural community north of Charlottesville, are putting pressure on automakers, leading them to improve the safety features that could save you and your family in a high-speed crash.

WSLS visited the Insurance Institute for Highway Safety, where experts showed the TV news crew how they carry out the vehicles’ evaluation, which leads to its highly-respected safety ratings.

At the massive facility, the staff has been conducting independent crash research for more than a half-century, wrecking hundreds of brand-new cars. The IIHS is the only non-governmental group that does crash testing.


The news crew watched last month as a team of experts prepped a 2020 Chevrolet Traverse, draining fuel, installing measuring devices and setting up cameras.

A lot is on the line: A good vs. a poor rating is a 40 to 70% reduction in the chances someone dies in a crash.

The crew got to watch the big moment: the high-speed crash.

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