Bexar County Republicans calling for Super Tuesday recount

Officials say all votes were accounted for and registered

Bexar County Republicans calling for Super Tuesday recount

Five days after Super Tuesday and the election frustration continues in Bexar County.

As KSAT reported during the Primary Election on March 3, Bexar County’s new $12 million system released results late and did not consolidate votes correctly.

That night, County Elections Administrator Jacque Callanen assured the public, although the released results was slow-going, that the ballots and votes were never compromised.

Still, some members of the Bexar County Republican party are calling for a recount.

Bexar County Elections Department investigating glitch that delayed results for hours

On Sunday afternoon, the county GOP chair asked for an outside agency to investigate.

GOP Chair Cynthia Brehm claimed some candidates did not appear on the ballot and worries votes could have fallen through the cracks.

But, Callanen maintains all votes, nearly a quarter million of them, were counted and registered.

When contacted on Sunday, Callanen made no specific comment about the new request for a recount.