Elections Office expects official primary results Monday night

Early Vote Ballot Board counting provisional & mail-in ballots

SAN ANTONIO – Once the Early Vote Ballot Board finishes counting an estimated 150 mail-in ballots that were postmarked March 3 and were received after the primary — as well as provisional ballots — the official results will be released within a few hours, according to Bexar County elections administrator Jacque Callanen.

Callanen said she doesn’t expect the results to change dramatically. After the results are released, she said the Bexar County Democratic and Republican Parties will canvass the results this week before they’re sent to their state parties for further canvassing.

Bexar County Elections Department investigating glitch that delayed results for hours

Callanen said so far, she has received no official written request asking for a recount. However, Bexar County Republican Party Chairwoman Cynthia Brehm and a defeated Democratic candidate for Precinct 2 constable each have indicated they want one.

Callanen said only a specific candidate can request a recount through their respective party. They must also pay $100 for each of the county’s more than 730 precincts in advance to cover the cost of a recount.

Callanen said there’s still time to ask for one.

“It’s five days after the election, two days after the canvass, so that window is still open,” Callanen said.

Bexar County Republicans calling for Super Tuesday recount

Callanen said what is still being investigated is the software issue that caused the county’s new $12.5 million voting system to crash three times, delaying the consolidation of the early, absentee and primary votes for hours last Tuesday night.

Callanen had a show-and-tell for reporters at a Monday afternoon briefing to help explain another big reason for the delay that evening after the voting centers closed.

She unfurled one of three tapes, similar to cash register receipts, that election judges at 860 voting centers had to print for written verification of the results. Each was several feet long.

Callenan said there were so many candidates, races and propositions in the 2020 primary that even the 17-inch-long ballot was three inches more than usual.

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