Matthew McConaughey says ‘partisan politics’ is ‘false,’ gives commencement speech on ‘GMA’

‘Our purpose is not an ‘us versus them,' Texas actor says

SAN ANTONIO – Texas icon Matthew McConaughey wants people to know that it would be a lot cooler if we stayed united during the coronavirus crisis.

The actor appeared on “Good Morning America" Friday to promote his “this is about US” PSA as well as give a virtual commencement address to the Urban Assembly School for Emergency Management graduating class.

McConaughey, who lives in Austin, said there has been a “false divide" in the country due to “partisan politics.”

“All of the sudden the narrative became: if you wanted to work, well you’re obviously on the far right, and if you wanted to stay home, you’re obviously on the far left, if you want to wear a mask, then you’re on the left and if you don’t, you’re on the right,” he said. “And that’s all false.”

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“America right now, our purpose is not an ‘us versus them’ politically partisan fight.”

The Academy Award-winning actor went on to give words of encouragement to the graduates, saying “you chose to do something with real and necessary purpose.”

McConaughey has remained outspoken about social distancing and safety during the pandemic.

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In April, he acted as a bounty hunter in an Instagram video and showed users how to make a face mask in order to ward off the enemy, the “corona-v.”

He also appeared on the social media series #Graduation2020: Facebook and Instagram Celebrate the Class of 2020, where celebrities give virtual and fun commencement addresses to seniors.

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