Jury summons are on the way for some in Bexar County

First notices sent since jury service moratorium

SAN ANTONIO – For the first time in three months, Bexar County is summoning residents for jury duty.

The summons should arrive for 320 people this week. They are for grand jury service, not the petit jury service most people typically receive.

“We’re going to use a grand jury process as sort of a test run before we actually bring in any jurors for jury trials,” Local Administrative Judge Ron Rangel said.

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Rangel said those type summons would not be sent out until September when jury trials are expected to resume.

“A grand jury is much smaller than a jury that we would bring in for trials, so it’s a much smaller amount that would fit easily into the central jury room,” Rangel said.

Fewer people would ensure that social distancing guidelines would be easier to follow.

Of the 320 summons sent, Rangel said that he expects about 80 people will serve.

The summons also includes an instruction letter explaining exemptions.

Rangel said that his first priority is safety.

“I want people to feel safe and have no fear about coming to the courthouse,” Rangel said.

Temperature checks and face masks remain part of the COVID-19 protocol for all courthouse visitors and staff members.

Bexar County courtrooms soon to have new look

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