City of Corpus Christi denies permit for President Trump supporter gathering at Selena statue

No gatherings of over 10 are allowed in Texas right now

Selena statue in Corpus Christi
Selena statue in Corpus Christi (KSAT)

Corpus Christi – The current COVID-19 pandemic is the reason why the City of Corpus Christi is rejecting a permit for the “Trump Supporter Gathering” that was scheduled for Saturday at the Selena statue.

Currently, the latest governor’s order in Texas doesn’t allow for groups of more than 10 to gather in a space.

The City of Corpus Christi confirmed to KSAT 12 that is why the permit was denied.

Joe Michael Perez, the event organizer, received national attention after posting a promotional photo for the event of himself next to the Selena statue and a Trump 2020 hat on the statue.

President Trump supporter who organized gathering at Selena statue says Selena’s father is threatening to sue him

Earlier this week Perez, posted on the event page that Selena’s father Abraham Quintanilla’s legal team had sent him a cease and desist letter or a lawsuit would be filed.

According to TMZ, Quintanilla’s legal team told Perez that a lawsuit would be filed against him for using Selena’s name and image to promote his event on Facebook.

Despite the cease and desist letter and no permit, Perez tells TMZ he is still planning on the event taking place Saturday.

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