President Trump supporter who organized gathering at Selena statue says Selena’s father is threatening to sue him

'We will not cancel': Organizer responds to cease and desist letter

Abraham Quintanilla admits that Jennifer Lopez and Edward James Olmos weren't his first choices for the Selena movie.

Corpus Christi, TEXAS – A Corpus Christi man who organized a President Trump campaign gathering this month posted on Facebook that he has been threatened with a lawsuit by the family of Selena.

Joe Michael Perez, the event organizer, said he received a cease and desist letter from Selena’s father Abraham Quintanilla to cancel the July 11 gathering planned at Selena’s statue.

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According to TMZ, Quintanilla’s legal team told Perez that a lawsuit would be filed against him for using Selena’s name and image to promote his event on Facebook.

Perez has also been using the slogan “Bidi Bidi Trump Trump” as a promotional slogan.

Quintanilla owns the rights to Selena’s name, image and trademark.

On the event page on Facebook, Perez announced he will not be canceling the event despite getting the cease and desist letter.

Perez also owns a Trump pop-up shop that sells merchandise and T-shirts with photos of him standing next to the Selena statue and a Trump hat on the statue.

Perez told TMZ in an interview he is expecting at least 150 people at his gathering on Saturday.

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