Providence Catholic School senior receives 2020 KSAT Fiesta medal with her winning design

Vienna Nguyen, 17, was selected as winner despite Fiesta’s cancellation due to COVID-19

Vienna Nguyen, 17, showing off her 2020 KSAT12 Fiesta medal. (KSAT)

SAN ANTONIO – A San Antonio high school senior who was chosen as the 2020 KSAT12 Fiesta medal design winner recently received her Fiesta medal despite Fiesta’s cancellation this year due to COVID-19.

Vienna Nguyen, 17, of Providence Catholic School, had her design chosen among many that were entered.

Nguyen said she took part in the contest after learning about it through her high school’s alumni director and her internship teacher.

“When Ms. Gonzales-McDonald approached me about the contest, I was honored that she saw the potential in me to create a design for KSAT and didn’t want to pass up on this opportunity,” Nguyen said. “I thought that if my design was chosen, then I would consider it as a big accomplishment, and if it wasn’t, then I’ll remember the process as a great experience and that at least I tried.”

Nguyen said she got inspiration from two of her previous winning Providence Fiesta medals and this time incorporated the KSAT logo in an image that represented KSAT itself.

I thought a news microphone and camera with the logo on the mic would be somewhat clever," Nguyen said. “To represent KSAT’s location, I drew the silhouette of downtown San Antonio."

Image of Fiesta 2020 medal, along with design image. (KSAT)

Nguyen, a member of Providence Catholic School’s National Art Honor Society Club, said she has worked in many mediums, including prismacolor, graphite, ink, linocut and oil paints. She said the club gave her the opportunity to create her first Fiesta medal design and that her 2019 and 2020 designs were also chosen by Providence High School.

“The fireworks and floral border were inspired from the Providence’s 2019 Fiesta medal,” Nguyen said. “Because Fiesta is a colorful and celebratory time, including fireworks and the silhouette of downtown SA felt right. I was inspired by the Fiesta flower crowns/wreaths that I see in local stores and had the ribbons extending from the flowers act as a title holder. I spent a few hours drawing the final design and coloring it, then submitted it to KSAT.”

Nguyen said she was a little disappointed that Fiesta was cancelled because she was excited for the medal’s reveal, but knew that the cancellation was understandable due to the pandemic. Her friends and family were excited her design was selected.

“They were all happy for me and congratulated me. My brothers wanted to see the design when I told them. Ms. Gonzales-McDonald and Ms. Martinez had planned on announcing it to the school when the medal was revealed during Fiesta,” Nguyen said. “As soon as I was told that I didn’t need to keep the design a secret anymore, I told Ms. Martinez, my art teacher about it, and sent her a picture of the medal when I received it. She plans to announce it soon.”

Nguyen said as for what’s next she’s unsure of what she wants to do in her future, but is planning on taking a science major in college. She also wants to stay close to home.

"I will always have art in my life, whether it’s as a career or something I enjoy doing on my own time,” she said.

About the Author:

Ben Spicer is a digital journalist who works the early morning shift for KSAT.