Missing man probably killed, subject of search at property on East Side, Sheriff Javier Salazar says

Curtis Perry, 38, has been missing since late July; BCSO searching for remains in 300 block of Holmgreen Road

SAN ANTONIO – A 38-year-old man who disappeared in late July is the subject of a search at a home on the city’s East Side, Bexar County Sheriff Javier Salazar said late Tuesday afternoon.

Salazar said Curtis Perry was probably killed violently at another location and then brought to a property in the 300 block of Holmgreen, where the search for remains is being conducted.

“I am coming to grips that my son is deceased. I have been in denial. I miss him so much. I miss him and to know that I will never be able to see him again,” said Patricia Olivier, Perry’s mother, as she broke down.

The sheriff said Perry, who is from the Houston area, fell victim to foul play after he got involved with some people who Salazar said were involved in a crime spree.

Salazar said surveillance video near a home on Foster Road in east Bexar County, where BCSO conducted a search for Perry in early August, showed that he was being chased by some people.

“I know my son. He is a kind person, and he doesn’t think bad of people. You have to show him bad before he will recognize it. Maybe he was just being naive, too friendly. Some people out there will take our kindness for weakness," Olivier said. "I have always known my son to be able to take care of himself, but to be outnumbered by at least five people, it was hard to defend himself.”

The search for Perry on Tuesday started when BCSO tried to execute two felony warrants for a suspect wanted for violent offenses and because there were weapons in the home. The suspect wasn’t at the residence and is being sought, Salazar said.

He said investigators found evidence of what he called a “narcotics enterprise,” firearms and stolen vehicles on the property.

An excavator was brought onto the property in case it’s needed.

Salazar said that a BCSO command truck will be brought onto the property and that deputies will be on site 24/7. He said the search warrant allows the agency to investigate on the property for at least two days, maybe longer.

A SWAT team, the U.S. Marshal’s Service and the Texas Department of Public Safety were also on the scene at some point.

Perry’s mother said she wants nothing more than for her son’s body to be returned.

“I am not at a forgiving point, but I have changed from, ‘I am looking for you myself’ to where I put it in God’s hands and I am going to leave it there," Olivier said. "I will see you in court.”

We will have updates on this developing story as we get new information.

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