University of the Incarnate Word expands South Side campus

Brooks is growing and is home to over 40 businesses and tenants on campus

SAN ANTONIO – The University of the Incarnate Word is expanding its campus in a medically-underserved community on the South Side.

“To have this opportunity to be in this particular place where so much is needed and where the community can inform us as to what their needs are, and we can use our resources to partner with them, walk alongside with them and improve the health of people, which then improves the health of the community — that’s been a blessing,” said Robyn Phillips Mason, dean of UIW School of Osteopathic Medicine.

The University of the Incarnate Word will now occupy seven buildings, covering 23.5 acres at Brooks and totaling 265,000 square feet of building space.

Andrew Tobias, a second-year medical student, said he is in support of the expansion.

“I am so excited to see our school just continue to grow and we continue to make these connections in the South Side,” said Tobias.

The School of Osteopathic Medicine has been in Brooks for more than four years.

Brooks is growing in other industries as well. It’s home to over 40 businesses and tenants as of yet.

Currently, there are over 6,000 jobs in the Brooks area.

“Also being built right now is Cuisine Solutions and that’s warehouse jobs that are working and also in manufacturing on the Brooks campus,” said Rebecca Viagran, councilwoman for District 3.

The new plant hopes to add more than 500 jobs to the South Side over four years.

Ohana Academy, a martial arts school, opened in February at Brooks.

Owner Ernest Tagle said it’s been a struggle during the pandemic, but opening on the South Side was always the plan.

“We’d always drive to the North Side to go train for years. And so, we would decide to bring that same skill set and professionalism to the Brooks City base area,” Tagle said.

There is about 350 acres available for development and residents are excited to see what the city will bring next.

The Brooks Development Authority owns and manages Brooks.

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