South Asian community reacts to Vice President-elect Kamala Harris’s victory

Kamala Harris will be the first Black, south Asian woman to hold the position of Vice President

SAN ANTONIO – People from all cultures and backgrounds expressed their support and encouragement after learning Senator Kamala Harris is now the vice president elect for the United States of America.

They said they are even more inspired knowing Harris is the first Black, south Asian woman to ever hold the position.

“It is very historic,” said Myra Dumapias with the Asian American Democrats of South Texas. “Being at that level of leadership and being as cross cultural as she is, she will be able to represent the true diverse nation and the true melting pot of who we are. Having that cross-cultural background allows her to be sensitive to the different needs of the population.”

The India Association of San Antonio weighed in on their feelings regarding Harris as well.

“Her mom was an immigrant like parents like us,” said Jayanta Das with the organization. “Like me. So now her daughter is going to serve this country as vice president. I think this will help us come together and build this strong America for our future generation and fulfill that true American dream, which I have always dreamed.”

Gowdham Rajan, with the India Association of San Antonio, said learning the news made him proud personally.

“I believe she will bring a lot of value to the U.S. and also across the world,” Rajan said. “I have seen so many messages and Facebook sharing from India of everyone rejoicing in this victory. We are all just so happy. I know this country is faced with a lot of challenges like with Covid-19 and climate change, but I think this will help us come out as more resilient than ever.”

They all said they look forward to the possibilities Harris will bring to the White House and how this election will inspire a diverse future.

“I think if we see changes with college costs, Medicare and other issues I think will add value to the community and people would change their perspective for the better future of the people and country,” said Usha Avula, with the India Association of San Antonio. “Girls, women, people of color, especially across this country, their future would be limitless.”

In the end, they said despite what side you stand on, they hope moving forward, everyone can stand together for the greater future of the United States.

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