WATCH: ‘Parenting in a Pandemic’ livestream special dives into challenges for mom, dads and guardians

Livestream special is first for KSAT

On December 3, anchor Myra Arthur will host KSAT’s first ‘Parenting in a Pandemic’ livestream special.

SAN ANTONIO – Are you juggling working from home and helping your little one with school? Looking for more fun ways to beat boredom in quarantine? Or struggling to get your pre-teen to wash their hands properly?

Parenting can be difficult enough... throw in a global pandemic and a full-time, non-stop job and that’s enough to make any parent question how they’re doing. But KSAT is here to prove you’re not alone, and, in fact, we’re right here with you.

On December 3, anchor Myra Arthur will host KSAT’s first ‘Parenting in a Pandemic’ livestream special, which you can watch in this article, or on, our newsreader app or our free streaming app that works with Roku and other smart TV devices.

The panelists, who are also parents, include a child psychiatrist, an epidemiologist and the founder of San Antonio Charter Moms.

Together with you, they’ll dive into the extra challenges 2020 has dealt for moms, dads and guardians through school struggles, pandemic stress, health and safety, managing screentime and battling boredom.

We want our viewers to be part of the conversation. Leave a question for our experts or share something the pandemic has taught you about parenting in the prompt below, or let us know in the comments.

Some responses so far have focused on school:

“I have learned that I am definitely not a teacher.” -Amy Wilkie said on KSAT’s Facebook

“I told my son just because he finished his work fast doesn’t mean he can play video games between classes. So I’d give him chores to do instead. He was late twice to his zoom meeting and he told his teacher it was because he was unloading the dishwasher and putting away laundry and that I’d get mad at him if he didn’t finish.” -Danie Aldana, KSAT viewer

This is a safe space for parents to share anything from the real life struggles of new parenthood to hilarious moments with toddlers and teens. Your comment or thoughts could be shared on our livestream or featured on our website.

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📣CALLING ALL PARENTS 👶What have you learned while parenting during a pandemic? 👦Do you have any tips or tricks?...

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