Kids watching more TV is causing additional stress in parents, experts say

Adding stricter guidelines around screen time may be most effective way to reduce stress levels

How often does your child watch TV?

If it’s more than average, researchers say that may be affecting you and your child’s relationship.

Researchers from the University of Arizona say kids watching too much TV could lead to more stress in parents.

Many parents worry about how their kids are affected by too much screen time.

But a new study on consumeraffairs.com shows parents were more likely to have higher levels of stress, when their kids spent more time watching TV.

Researchers learned kids who watched a lot of TV misbehaved in stores, which ultimately affected their parents’ stress levels.

Experts say this is because kids are exposed to more advertisements, which led to more demanding behavior while shopping.

Researchers say the misbehaving behavior creates more conflict between kids and parents, resulting in higher stress levels.

In order to combat the issue, experts recommend parents approach their child by openly communicating.

Researchers say parents sometimes try to be too controlling, and that is not likely to change a child’s aggressive or demanding behavior.

Experts say creating stricter guidelines around screen time could be the most effective way to reduce stress.

That can also lead to better behavior in children.

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