You will not believe this 4-year-old’s astonishing memory

Alhana Asath was recognized by the India Book of Records

SAN ANTONIO – San Antonio is home to a bright 4-year-old girl who has set two records in the India Book of Records.

The parents of Alhana Asath say they attribute her achievement to her great memory and diction.

In January 2019, Alhana was named the record holder for a child, younger than 12 months of age, who can speak more than 1,000 words. Most recently, Alhana set the record for identifying the maximum number of logos. The girl identified 200 logos in 159 seconds, according to the India Book of Records.

The list of logos include vehicle brands, banks, social platforms, food brands and much more.

Her mother, Sumaya Asath, said she noticed her daughter’s ability at a young age.

“We started recognizing her skills when she was just 1 year old, and the best part is, she started talking when she was 10 months old,” Sumaya said.

Alhana was curious about everything her parents purchased.

“She started recognizing the brand names from the grocery shopping cart, and later on, I just recorded each and every brand name that she knew,” Sumaya said. “Once we calculated it, it came around more than 200 brands that she knew.”

A video submitted to the India Book of Records shows Alhana naming the hundreds of logos in less than three minutes.

“I love logos,” Alhana said.

Reporter Alicia Barrera even taught her a new logo, seen in the video above.

Alhana’s father, Asath Mohammed, said he’s proud of his daughter and he continues to learn from her.

“We are very, very happy,” Mohammed said. “We feel like she definitely will become a scientist or a big shot.”

The proud parents said although they don’t have plans for the child to set more records, they will continue to encourage her to read and learn more.

To learn more about Alhana’s first record recognized, click or tap here. To see the full clip of Alhana identifying the 200 logos, click here.

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