Mechanic offers drivers cold weather tips as temperatures drop

5 things must be done before hitting the road, mechanic says

SAN ANTONIO – Drivers, taking care of yourselves during severe wintry conditions also means taking care of your vehicle. That’s advice from San Antonio mechanics, who are offering tips to keep you moving safely if you have to be out in the below-freezing temperatures we’re expecting this weekend.

When it comes to making sure your vehicle is winter-ready, Rodrigo Gonzaga, with O’Briens Automotive, says five major things need to be checked.

Gonzaga says the first thing to check is antifreeze/coolant. Make sure you have enough and that it’s a 50/50 mix.

“It’s important for your cooling to be in a good, good state of health,” Gonzaga said.

Gonzaga says to make sure your tires have the right amount of pressure and good tread for the best chance at traction on slick roads. Place a penny into the most shallow tread of your tire to check. Some of Lincoln’s on the coin head should be cut off.

“Make sure you have good batteries. You can start your car in the winter. Make sure your heater and defrost is working,” Gonzaga said.

Once everything is good to go, Gonzaga says to make sure you let your car heat up for several minutes before driving off because, just like you, when it’s freezing outside, your car needs to warm up too.