Balcones Heights sergeant critically injured in shooting is now recovering at home

Police sergeant recalls near-death experience

BALCONES HEIGHTS – A sergeant with the Balcones Heights Police Department is still recovering from his injuries after he was shot while responding to a car burglary last month.

Sgt. Jose C. Sepulveda was called to the scene for suspicious activity at the Sol Apartments on Feb. 3, located in the 6900 block of I-10.

“We got a call for suspicious people at the complex. In route there, they advised it could possibly be burglars in action,” Sgt. Sepulveda said.

As the sergeant approached a car with three suspects inside, it was just moments later when he got into a physical struggle with the driver.

During the struggle, Sgt. Sepulveda managed to tase him. However, it was just a moment later that the backseat passenger pulled a gun, took aim and fired.

“He shot me in the chin, the neck. The second one was center mass, but my trauma plate stopped it, shoulder, and then my forearm,” Sgt. Sepulveda said.

His partner, police officer Edgardo Ortiz, arrived in a matter of seconds according to Sepulveda’s recollection of events. Ortiz assessed the sergeant’s injuries, put him the car and took him to the hospital. He calls officer Ortiz a real hero.

“If it wasn’t for him doing that, I probably wouldn’t be here,” Sgt. Sepulveda said.

Sgt. Sepulveda is now recovering at home after spending nearly a month hospitalized.

A fundraiser was held for the sergeant on Saturday by colleagues, family and friends to help out with medical expenses accrued during his stay at BAMC.

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