Five popular drinks you should avoid in order to stay healthy

These five drinks could lead to a heart attack, experts say

Five popular drinks you should avoid in order to stay healthy

Many health experts around the country agree there are five popular drinks you should stay away from because they could lead to a heart attack.

According to the website “Eat This Not That” one of those beverages is milkshakes.

While they are tasty treat during the warmer months, doctors and other health professionals agree they contain two key ingredients that are dangerous for heart attacks: lots of sugar and saturated fat.

A doctor on “Eat This Not That” explains just one high-fat meal can trigger heart disease in some people.

Next, there’s alcohol.

While it’s a popular way to unwind and celebrate after a long week, doctors say people who drink are more at risk of developing heart issues than those that do not.

Women in particular need to be careful, as doctors say women who drink often are more likely to develop heart disease than men.

Third are energy drinks.

While many energy drinks boast zero calories or zero sugar, doctors say they can cause abnormal heart rhythms and higher blood pressure.

But it should be noted that people who usually experience these symptoms are those who drink a large quantity of energy drinks in a short amount of time.

And there’s one nobody wants to hear.

There is in fact such a thing as drinking too much coffee.

While one cup a day can be beneficial, doctors warn not to overindulge.

They say if you drink more than six cups a day, you can increase the fats found in the blood, increasing your risk of heart disease.

Finally, as you probably guessed there’s soda.

Next time your at the drive-thru try replacing your soft drink with water.

That’s because, (surprise, surprise) soda is super high in sugar.

Most doctors agree that sugary drinks can increase the risk of heart disease which is the leading cause of heart attacks.

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