City Council District 7 candidates answer your questions ahead of San Antonio’s May 1 election

We took your questions to the candidates for answers, here are their responses

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Saturday, May 1, 2021, is the municipal election in San Antonio. On the ballot, a rematch for mayor and nearly 80 candidates competing in 10 city council races, along with a proposition aimed at repealing the police department’s collective bargaining rights and a charter change for city bond projects.

We wanted to be sure you had a chance to ask your most important questions to the candidates before making your decision in the election — early voting begins April 17.

We received more than 400 questions from KSAT viewers and readers for the candidates.

We chose three of the most commonly asked questions, sent to each candidate and asked them to respond by April 12.

  1. Are you for or against Prop B and why?
  2. What are your plans to reduce the number of people experiencing homelessness in San Antonio?
  3. What is your plan to clean up and improve our city -- specifically when it comes to the condition of our roads, litter (dumping) and graffiti?

Below are the unedited responses we received from the candidates who responded to our questions. The candidates are listed in the order they will appear on the ballot.

San Antonio City Council District 7 Candidates

Patricia Ann Varela, Retired military

Did not respond.

Ana E. Sandoval, Incumbent

Are you for or against Prop B and why?

Sandoval: “Our government process allowed for the public to gather petition signatures to place Proposition B on the ballot. I believe in accountability and transparency not just with our first responders, but across all City departments. As a former union member, I support our employees’ ability to negotiate pay, benefits, and terms of employment. During my service as a Councilmember, I have advocated for workers’ conditions within the City and our community.

“Proposition B is on the ballot, and it is up to the voters to decide.”

What are your plans to reduce the number of people experiencing homelessness in San Antonio?

Sandoval: “Ensuring resources for housing stability in all areas of the City, I supported the allocation of funds in the FY2021 Budget for a Homeless Outreach Team Member in every Council District. We all have a duty to act as no one organization, nonprofit, or governmental agency in San Antonio can end homelessness on their own. I will work to ensure a compassionate collaboration at the Federal, State, and Local levels to bring financial support to implement the City’s five-year Strategic Plan to Respond to Homelessness. I continue to support community-based housing and service options to assist with outreach and transition individuals on a path to housing stability to reduce houselessness in San Antonio. I have also advocated for the availability of fair housing counseling resources for renters and owners to help our City’s residents maintain housing stability and overcome financial hardships.”

What is your plan to clean up and improve our city -- specifically when it comes to the condition of our roads, litter (dumping) and graffiti?

Sandoval: “This is our City and home and we must invest in our community’s future.

“Conditions of our roads: I worked to secure a record amount of investment in District 7 streets during my first four years in office, $55 Million, and will continue to advocate for more funding to address the needs in the community. To solve traffic congestion and drive economic development along the Bandera Rd Corridor, I championed the creation of a collaborative working group with the City of San Antonio, Leon Valley, TxDOT, and State elected officials to develop a plan to implement the largest infrastructure improvement in District 7. Through a comprehensive study, the City is evaluating the mobility needs along Culebra Road to improve vehicular and pedestrian mobility. I will continue to work with residents to ensure safe community mobility by bringing innovative traffic calming initiatives to reduce speeding and cut-through traffic.

“Litter (Dumping): Illegal dumping contaminates our waterways with trash and pollutants and obstructs the flow of water in drainage channels. I will work to ensure the public is aware of resources available to properly recycle, dispose of unwanted materials, and Free Landfill Days. I have worked to ensure when dumping is reported, it is cleaned up in a timely manner. As we transition out of the pandemic, I look forward to resuming community clean-up events with local neighborhoods and non-profits on beautification projects.

“Graffiti: Graffiti detracts from our communities and I look forward to resuming graffiti abatement projects with the community as we transition out of the pandemic. The most important tool to stop graffiti is to remove it as soon as it appears. My office keeps graffiti abatement kits on hand for community members, assisted with reporting, and engages SAPD SAFFE officers to document. I believe we must also continue to collaborate with TxDOT and Union Pacific to address the graffiti on the highly visible railroad overpasses and highway infrastructure.

Learn more about my work at”

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Important Election Dates

  • Monday, April 19, 2021: FIRST day of Early Voting.
  • Tuesday, April 27, 2021: LAST day of Early Voting.
  • Saturday, May 1, 2021: Election Day

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