San Antonio’s mayoral, city council candidates answer your questions ahead of May 1 City Election

We took your questions to the candidates for answers

San Antonio City Council districts map (KSAT)

Editor’s note: Find answers for all districts and the mayoral race here. Find news, resources and results from the election on our Vote 2021 page.

Saturday, May 1, 2021, is the municipal election in San Antonio. Nearly 80 candidates will compete in 10 city council races and the race for mayor are on the ballot along with a proposition aimed at repealing the police department’s collective bargaining rights and a charter change for city bond projects.

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Early Voting starts on Monday, April 19, and goes through Tuesday, April, 27.

In March, we asked you to submit your questions for the candidates and we received more than 400 questions from readers.

Many of the questions were similar and we were able to group them into a few themes. We chose three of the most commonly asked questions, sent to each candidate and asked them to respond by April 12.

Here are the questions you asked:

  • Are you for or against Prop B and why?
  • What are your plans to reduce the number of people experiencing homelessness in San Antonio?
  • What is your plan to clean up and improve our city -- specifically when it comes to the condition of our roads, litter (dumping) and graffiti?

To see how the candidates in your district answered, scroll down to the race you’re interested in and click on the link.

Find out if you are a San Antonio resident and which city council and school district you are in here.

San Antonio Mayoral Candidates

  • Jacque L. Miller, Military
  • Justin Macaluso, Director of Quality and Manufacturing
  • Gary Allen, Retired Teacher
  • Frank Adam Muniz, Counselor, attorney
  • Antonio “Tony” Diaz
  • Ron Nirenberg, Incumbent
  • Michael “Commander” Idrogo, Retired military
  • John M. Velasquez, Psychologist
  • Dan Martinez, Retired
  • Denise Gutierrez-Homer, Businesswoman, Advocate
  • Greg Brockhouse, Self-employed, former SA City Councilman
  • Ray Basaldua, Roofer
  • Joshua James Galvan, Self-employed
  • Tim Atwood, Teacher

San Antonio City Council District 1 Candidates

  • Mario Bravo, Project Manager
  • Roberto C. Trevino, Incumbent, architect
  • Cyndi Dominguez, Financial Professional
  • Lauro A. Bustamante, Attorney
  • Raymond Zavala, Retired
  • Matthew J. Gauna, Environmental Consultant

San Antonio City Council District 2 Candidates

  • Nneka “Miss Neka” Cleaver, Owner of Thai Hub
  • Walter Perry Sr., Professional tax preparer
  • Jada Andrews-Sullivan, Incumbent
  • Pharoah Clark, Chef, caretaker
  • Kristi Villanueva, Business owner
  • Michael John Good, Construction, Logistics
  • Norris Tyrone Darden, Educator
  • Chris Dawkins, Business owner
  • Dori Brown, Tax preparer
  • Andrew Fernandez Vicencio, Retired military
  • Carl Booker, Publisher
  • Jalen McKee-Rodriguez, Teacher

San Antonio City Council District 3 Candidates

  • Rodolfo “Rudy” Lopez, Self-employed
  • Mark Arthur Vargas Jr., Former educator
  • Rafael C. Vela, (Not listed)
  • Angela Cardona, Executive Assistant/Community Relations
  • Walter Murray, Business owner
  • Ted Gonzalez, Sales manager
  • Katherine Herrera Garza,
  • Tomas Uresti, Self-employed
  • Phyllis Viagran, Trainer at Oats Senior Planet
  • Stephen “Steve” Valdez, Communications
  • Marcello Martinez, Architect
  • Diana Flores Uriegas, PSR

San Antonio City Council District 4 Candidates

  • Adriana Rocha Garcia, Incumbent
  • Curtis Mueller, IT/SA Advocate
  • David Tristan, Business owner
  • Raymond Guzman, Mathematician

San Antonio City Council District 5 Candidates

  • Anthony Gres, Business owner
  • Jason Mata, Nonprofit executive
  • Ray Garza, Retired
  • Irma G. Barron, Self-employed
  • Teri Castillo, Substitute teacher
  • David Yanez, Attorney
  • Marie Crabb, Realtor
  • Rudy Lopez, Retired
  • Norberto “Geremy” Landin, VP of operations
  • Ricardo Moreno, Assistant Principal
  • Jesse J. Alaniz, Retired

San Antonio City Council District 6 Candidates

  • Irma Rudolph, Business Owner
  • Chris Baecker, Accountant, adjunct lecturer
  • Melissa Cabello Havrda, Incumbent, attorney
  • Robert Hernandez, Housing liaison
  • Robert Walker, Business owner

San Antonio City Council District 7 Candidates

  • Patricia Ann Varela, Retired military
  • Ana E. Sandoval, Incumbent

San Antonio City Council District 8 Candidates

  • Suzanne McCarty, Pricing
  • Manny Pelaez, Incumbent, attorney
  • Cesario Garcia, Self-employed
  • Rob Rodriguez, Real estate broker
  • Tammy K. Orta, Registered nurse

San Antonio City Council District 9 Candidates

  • Cory Dennington, Business operations
  • Erika Moe, Attorney
  • Patrick Von Dohlen, Self-employed financial planner
  • Antonio Salinas, College student
  • John Courage, Incumbent, Former teacher

San Antonio City Council District 10 Candidates

  • Emily Norwood, (none)
  • Alexander Svehla, Educator
  • Clayton Perry, Incumbent
  • Ezra Johnson, Administrative Law Judge
  • Gabrien Gregory, Army officer

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