Here’s what some San Antonio area schools are doing for Earth Day

Students are learning about nature, the importance of taking care of the environment

Aiden, a 4th Grade student in Ms. Medcalf's class at Jackson Keller Elementary School along with Dylah, a 3rd Grader in Mrs. Gonzalez class show off their H-E-B bags for Earth Day. (KSAT)

SAN ANTONIO – Students in the North East Independent School District and all around San Antonio are taking part in Earth Day activities as a way to celebrate the day and learn about the importance of the environment.

The annual day is focused on doing things that help nature, while also raising awareness about the consequences of climate change.

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Students at Jackson-Keller Elementary have been doing a week’s worth of activities and recently partnered with the H-E-B on West Avenue to support both the school and grocery store all while teaching about Earth Day.

“H-E-B customers will have their groceries bagged in brown paper bags with Earth Day messages from students at Jackson-Keller Elementary,” Principal Anna Nicolai said. “This is an excellent way to build a partnership between our school and community in support of Earth Day. We hope the Earth Day messages brighten members of our LEE cluster community.”

Easy ways kids can get involved in Earth Day 2021

The children said they enjoyed decorating the bags and spoke about what’ve they’ve learned.

“Earth Day means that we need to help the Earth, so that it lasts longer,” said Aiden, a fourth grade student in Ms. Medcalf’s class.

Another student, Dylah, a third grader, drew a cow in her picture, showing it destroy trash in the corner of an image of the planet Earth.

“Earth day means being nice to animals and picking up trash that can hurt Earth,” she said.

Camelot Elementary School fourth graders this week made a text to world connection while reading “A Wolf Called Wander” by Rosanne Parry, a current Texas Bluebonnet Book nominee. Students realized that the first Earth Day sparked the environmental movement that led to the creation of the Endangered Species Act and that the laws protected grey wolves and other animals. So what small thing could they do to protect animals in their own backyard? Make bird feeders!

Fourth grade students Oliver and Karla at Tuscany Heights Elementary School make a bird feeder for Earth Day. (KSAT)

First graders students at Tuscany Heights Elementary School did an Earth Day Promises Art Project and got their hands dirty in the process.

“If we ruin this earth, we don’t get an extra. We have to take care of it,” Kynleigh B. said, explaining the importance of the day.

A classmate, Collin, agreed.

“If we don’t take care of the Earth, it will go KERPLAT! We don’t have an extra,” he said.

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