Here are some fun, safe summer activities for kids

These ideas not only keep your kids busy, but also may give you a few minutes of peace and quiet

Coronavirus cases across the United States may be dwindling but the pandemic certainly isn’t over yet and social distancing guidelines are still in effect.

With kids out of school for summer vacation, staying inside may be more difficult than ever.

So, we’ve come up with a few ways you and your kids can stay safe and active.

First up, start a garden together.

Gardening is a great way to enjoy the fresh air and summer sun while letting your kids get their hands dirty.

It’s an activity that also teaches younger children about where their food comes from.

Plus, the garden will be there long after the pandemic is over.

Another option for indoor fun is to build an obstacle course.

Try setting up kitchen chairs, couch cushions, blankets, pretty much anything you have on hand to make your obstacle course as simplistic... or as challenging as you like.

It’s sure to let your kids burn off some energy.

The best part is you can build a new obstacle course every week.

Lastly, do a scavenger hunt.

This gives kids a chance to brainstorm clues on their own while also developing problem solving skills.

The best part is... it’s an activity that doesn’t require a lot parent guidance, so you might even be able to enjoy a few minutes of quiet time.

About the Authors:

Roslyn Jimenez is a news producer for GMSA at KSAT12. Roslyn joined the KSAT12 team in January 2020 after being the First Edition producer for KIII-TV in Corpus Christi.

Carlo Jagge is an associate news producer at KSAT. Until recently, he produced newscasts for KRIS in Corpus Christi.