It’s been a few months since the Pearl announced its parking changes. Here’s what’s new.

You’ll probably have to pay for parking on your next visit

A lollipop shaped parking sign in one of the Pearl parking lots (Andrew Wilson, KSAT News)

SAN ANTONIO – If you haven’t made a trip to the Pearl in the past year, expect to see a lot more updated parking areas and prices for Pearl’s more than 3,000 spots.

'Free Parking' sign in one of the Pearl lots (Raven Jordan, KSAT News)

The Pearl is in the process of completing its parking transformation, which will update the parking lot under Highway 281 into a paid parking lot, remove the lot in front of what was formerly the Full Goods building, and close off Karnes Street to vehicle traffic.

Sixty-five parking spots in The Stable Lot were converted to premium spots last November.

A parking garage at Pearl with free parking (Andrew Wilson, KSAT News)

There will still be free parking available in Koehler Garage and certain lots outside of Pearl. The Oxbow and Credit Human buildings, some of the newer installations at the Pearl, have a parking garage with 900 spaces for parking that is free nights and weekends. There is also valet parking available at Hotel Emma.

Credit Human and Oxbow garage near Pearl (Don B McDonald Architect AIA LTD)

The updates in parking options are intended to accommodate the increase of people coming into San Antonio as the city continues to grow.

On weekdays, the charge in the Highway 281 lot is $3 for parking more than 30 minutes in the lot. On Saturdays and Sundays, during Pearl’s busiest days and farmers market, the price is up to $8 for parking lasting more than 30 minutes. Other parking options may range from $6-$10.

Premium parking rates in the 281 north Lot at Pearl (Andrew Wilson, KSAT News)

Pearl is also closer to expanding the greenspace in the park, with plans to complete the work by December. This is meant to allow visitors and residents more walking space and feel more connected.

The Pearl is also expanding the restaurant selection that visitors can choose from by adding four more eateries. According to licensing and regulation filings, two of the new restaurants are Paperboy and Ladino, which both begin construction this summer.

A spokesperson for Pearl did not respond to comment on the progress of these changes.

For more information on parking options at Pearl, visit


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