Street racing prompts neighbors to propose stronger safety measures

BEXAR COUNTY, Texas – A street race that ended in a family’s backyard has residents in a far North Side subdivision demanding more safety measures.

Precinct 3 Bexar County Commissioner Trish DeBerry said the county is looking at ways to respond accordingly after a street racing crash on Dusty Canyon in the Fox Grove subdivision Thursday on the far North Side.

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Bexar County Sheriff’s deputies say two cars were seen speeding and seemed unaware Dusty Canyon came to a dead end. They crashed into a tree in a family’s backyard. The tree stopped the cars from hitting the home and injuring any bystanders. The drivers walked away with no serious injuries.

“We will be reaching out to Constable (Mark) Vojvodich and Sheriff (Javier) Salazar’s teams to obtain crash details and coordinate a response to mitigate traffic accidents and increase driver and pedestrian safety. Everything is on the table, from speed humps and increased patrols to additional lighting and other traffic safety measures. Public safety is my number one priority, and we will work quickly to solve this issue,” DeBerry said.

John and Jenny Beasley live at the home where the cars crashed. They say Thursday night street racing and speeding have been an issue in the Fox Grove subdivision for years.

“It should be a safe haven, but you got vehicles speeding through your neighborhood, coming through your fence,” said the Beasleys.

On Friday, KSAT spoke with other community residents, all of which had similar complaints.

“There’s so many times that we’ll hear screeching from cars that have been racing or cutting around the corner,” said Ann Matz-Tirado, a Fox Grove resident of six years.

“You’re in a residential neighborhood. If you want to go race, there’s tracks for that. You don’t do that in a neighborhood. They very well could have killed somebody,” said Nicolas Casanueva, a Fox Grove resident of three years.

“It gets a little scary, especially with the kids, especially in the afternoons when they’re out playing,” said Cesar Tercero, a Fox grove resident of 11 years.

The safety measures asked for by the residents KSAT spoke with included the following:

  • Speed bumps
  • Stop signs
  • Extended/stringer barriers
  • Additional law enforcement presence

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