Kids wanna know: Why get into journalism 🖊️? Where do you get your news stories from?

6th grade students ask questions to learn the nitty gritty about covering the news

In this week’s KSAT Kids edition of “Kids Wanna Know,” sixth-grade students interview another news anchor.

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Hello parents, teachers and students!

In this week’s KSAT Kids edition of “Kids Wanna Know,” sixth-grade students interviewed another news anchor, this time Ken Wayne from California.

The students learned what skills are needed for a career in journalism and where their stories come from. They also learned what their favorite stories are to produce and what reporters and anchors like to write about.

Watch the extended interview shorts for more from the interview.

Fast Facts

  • Average number of employees in a local TV news in the US, by role: (2018 photographer 6.1producer, 5.7 anchor, 5.2 weather person, 3.4 reporter, 3.2 sports anchor, 1.6web /mobile producer 1.2.
  • Percentage of adults who trust news media most of the time worldwide: (Feb 2021 Finland - 65%, Germany 53%, Canada 45%, Turkey - 41%, Mexico 37%, Taiwan - 31%, United States 29%

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