Selena course returns to UTSA for summer semester and anyone can audit the class

The course is taught by Sonya M. Alemán, associate professor and an instructor of Mexican American Studies

Selena Quintanilla (Universal Music Group)

SAN ANTONIO – A popular course at UTSA that examines the life and career of Selena Quintanilla is returning for the summer semester, and anyone can enroll in the course whether they’re a student or not.

The “Selena: A Mexican American Identity & Experience” course is taught by Sonya M. Alemán, an associate professor and instructor of Mexican American Studies.

The virtual course will be held from 6 to 7 p.m. Monday through Thursday from May 31 through July 5.

“The Selena course utilizes the iconic Selena Quintanilla as a launching point to talk about the histories and experiences of being Mexican American and Latina/o/x in the U.S,” Alemán told UTSA Today.

The course will be available for audit, which means UTSA students and nonstudents can enroll in the course for no grade and no credit.

“Selena’s cultural work continues to inspire members of Latino communities to imagine, accept and become the best versions of themselves. The full significance of her reach and impact has not yet been fully realized or documented,” Alemán said. “This course is a small attempt to add to that effort, and I hope that by inviting members of the community to share the space with UTSA students in a more accessible summer course, it will enrich that conversation.”

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