VIDEO: Coyote attacks cat on Texas porch, cat escapes

Encounter took place in Surfside Beach

SURFSIDE BEACH, Texas – If cats really do have nine lives, there’s no telling how many this one has left.

A Texas cat was literally caught in the jaws of a coyote and was able to scrap and scramble his way to safety, and it was all caught on camera.

Tony Gray’s surveillance camera captured the encounter Thursday morning on the back porch of his Surfside Beach home.

The video starts as the cat and coyote both run into view. The pair play cat — and well — coyote for a couple of minutes. The coyote snapped at the cat, and the cat clawed and hissed back.

The cat hid under a patio chair and tried to climb up on the deck’s railing, only to be snatched down by the coyote more than once.

The cat finally shimmied his way up a beam and clung on for life until the coyote retreated.

Surfside Beach told ABC13 that there is a coyote problem in their community and that they are working with Texas Parks and Wildlife to find a solution.

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